fujifilm Wako

Laboratory Chemicals

Our products play vital roles in a wide range of fields.
The vast product offering is proof of our consistent
"customer-first" business policy.

Since our founding, we have aimed at becoming a reagent manufacturer capable of responding to the diverse research needs of cutting-edge technological sectors. In line with this goal, the Laboratory Chemicals Division has continued to provide high-grade products.

At present, as a company providing comprehensive research assistance, we boast an expansive lineup of products, including laboratory chemicals for the life sciences, environmental analysis and organic synthesis.
We have also established a "custom-made production system," making use of the technologies that we have built up over the years to provide meticulous support to the R&D programs of companies in various industrial sectors. As you can see, our products play an important role in a wide range of areas. Underlying all of our development and manufacturing activities is our customer-first policy. On this foundation, we will keep a sharp eye on global research trends and continue to respond to a wide variety of needs.

Principal areas of engagement

  • Environmental analysis
  • Electrophoresis
  • Immunity
  • Genes
  • Inorganic chemistry / Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Cultures
  • Chromatography
  • Other biochemistry
  • Limulus testing

Expansive inventory and speedy product supply

[The one-stop delivery store system]

To extend our customer-first strategy even further, we scrutinize needs in all of our markets precisely. Our goal is a comprehensive product inventory to respond to all of our customers' diverse needs. We are also working to establish a system to further reduce the lead-time between order placement and product delivery.

We proactively offer services that
win a high degree of customer satisfaction.

We work to disseminate product and technological information that wins a high level of customer satisfaction. This includes publication of informative magazines such as "Wako Pure Chemicals Jiho" and "Wako Bio Window", the running of a portal site, Siyaku.com, that caters to the needs of researchers, and the hosting of academic scientific seminars and exhibitions.

We have opened sales offices
in the United States to boost our overseas
business operations.

We have established an overseas production system to supply product lines that make use of Wako Pure Chemical Industries' unique technological expertise with a level of quality similar to that in Japan. We have increased the number of items in our overseas inventories, and operate an expansive sales network to promote our global business operations actively.

Our testing facilities have been certified
under ISO/IEC 17025.

We have obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification. In addition, our testing facilities have also been certified under ISO/IEC17025.
To continue maintaining very high quality levels, we have built a consistent in-house system and quality assurance structure.