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June 1922 The Chemicals Department of Takeda Chobei Shoten (the present Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.) separated and established as an independent company, Takeda Pure Chemicals Ltd.
1935 Tokyo Office opened
1940 Osaka Plant opened
1944 Tokyo Plant opened
1947 Company name changed to Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.
1952 Head office moved to the current address
1964 Tokyo Plant moved to the current site
1967 Tokyo and Osaka Research Laboratories completed
1968 Harima Plant opened
Paris Liaison Office opened (until 1970)
1970 Dusseldorf Liaison Office opened (until 1983)
1972 Head Office building completed
1974 Wako Chemicals GmbH established in Dusseldorf under 100% capital ownership
1978 Dallas Liaison Office opened (until 1989)
1981 Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. founded in Dallas, Texas under 100% capital ownership
1983 Uedesheim Plant, Wako Chemicals GmbH, completed
Neuss Liaison Office opened
1988 Mie Plant opened
1989 Tobu Distribution Center opened
Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. moved to Richmond, Virginia
Richmond Liaison Office opened
1990 Miyazaki Plant opened (the present Wako Chemicals, Ltd. <Head office, Miyazaki Plant>)
Richmond Plant, Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. completed
1991 Seibu Distribution Center opened
Matumoto Plant opened
1994 Hafen Plant, Wako Chemicals GmbH completed
1995 Wako obtained ISO9002 certificate of registration for its quality management system of the domestic operation
2000 Wako obtained ISO 14001 certificate of registration for its environment management system
2001 Tokyo and Osaka Plants were approved as official testing laboratories based on ISO/IEC 17025 Obtained ISO9001 certificate of registration for its quality management system
2004 Aichi Plant opened Los Angeles Sales Office,Wako Chemicals USA,Inc.opened Diagnostics Division obtained ISO13485 certificate of registration for its quality management system
2005 Boston Sales Office, Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. opened
Tokyo Plant obtained JCSS certificate of registration
Mountain View R&D Center opened
2007 Tokyo, Osaka and Mie Plants Obtained new JIS certificate of registration
2008 Tokyo Plant Obtained ISO Guide 34 certificate of registration
2010 Shanghai Representative Office opened
2012 Wako Holdings USA, Inc. founded under 100% capital ownership
Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. and Mountain View R&D Center were restructured to establish a new Wako Chemicals USA, Inc., Wako Life Sciences, Inc., and Wako USA Automation, Inc.
Wako Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. founded under 100% capital ownership