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October 28,2014 A contract granting the license has been successfully concluded
with API Corporation regarding ROCK Inhibitor Y-27632 for research use.

On October 1st, 2014, Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. (“WAKO”) and API Corporation (“API“) concluded a contract granting the license for manufacture, sales and supply of Y-27632 used for research purposes. WAKO has been involved in Y-27632 business since 2003, and this new contract enables WAKO to expand its Y-27632 business worldwide from this October. Since API discontinues its Y-27632 business by concluding this contract, WAKO is expecting to receive orders not only from existing customers of API and Wako but also from new customers.

Y-27632, originally synthesized by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, is a selective and a strong ROCK inhibitor which activates the ROCK signal cascade. It has been commonly used in regenerative medical research due to increasing viability and cloning efficiency of human ES/iPS cells after cryopreservation.


Product Name Wako Cat. No. Package Size Grade
Y-27632 257-00511 1 mg for Cellbiology
253-00513 5 mg
251-00514 25 mg
CultureSure Y-27632 030-24021 1 mg for Cell Culture
036-24023 5 mg
034-24024 25 mg
5 mmol/L Y-27632 Solution 253-00591 300 μL for Cell Culture

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