fujifilm Wako

Message from the President and CEO

Creating new value. Creating an abundant future.This is our mission at Wako.

Since its founding, Wako has continued to develop and manufacture high-grade reagents based on a consistent management philosophy to address the research needs in cutting-edge fields.
At present, by capitalizing our proprietary technological strengths - our core competencies - we are able to address the diverse requirements of scientists, medical professionals, and the industrial world in general through our three key divisions - Laboratory Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, and Diagnostic Reagents.

As a result of these business operations and the support entrusted to us by our customers, Wako has grown as a R&D-based company trusted by customers. While optimizing the strengths of each business operation, we continually strive to be a flexible and quick-acting company engaged in various measures that will enable us to quickly address changes in the environment on an organizational level.

Furthermore, in tandem with actively enhancing our corporate value, further contributions to society have been achieved through establishing management systems for the comprehensive safety of chemical substances and quality assurance. Again, a clean corporate climate continues to be fostered by upgrades and expansion of the ISO environmental management system along with a company-wide dissemination and implementation of the compliance programs.

Going forward, Wako will not only continue to add new value and develop new products and technologies that will shape the future, but will promote further globalization. We will continue our unfaltering efforts as a company engaged in cutting-edge technological sectors by reinforcing our marketing abilities and actively implementing measures such as optimizing operational efficiencies.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your trust and support, and ask for your continued patronage.