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Proteomics Research -2012- (HTML)

Proteomics Research -2012-
A. Phos-tag&trade: - Phosphorylated Protein Analysis
  1. Phos-tag™ Acrylamide
  2. SuperSep™ Phos-tag™
  3. Phos-tag™ Biotin
  4. Phos-tag™ Mass Analytical Kit
  5. Phos-tag™ Agarose
B. Protein Electrophoresis
  1. SuperSep™ - Precast Polyacrylamide gel
  2. Easy Separator™
  3. Reagents for Gel Preparation
  4. Protein Size Markers
  5. Premixed Buffers - Running Buffers & Sample Buffers
  6. Staining Reagents
    a. Negative Gel Stain MS Kit
    b. Silver Staining Kits
    c. CBB R-250 Stain Kits
C. Western Blotting
  1. Blocking Reagents
  2. Wash Solutions
  3. Labeled Secondary Antibodies
  4. Multi Capture HRP - Antibody Detection Reagent
  5. Immuno-enhancer - Accelerator of Antigen-Antibody Reactions
  6. Stripping Reagent
  7. Coloring Reagents
  8. ImmunoStar LD Chemiluminescence Reagent
D. MS Analysis
  1. Blocking Reagents
  2. Wash Solutions
  3. Labeled Secondary Antibodies
  4. Multi Capture HRP - Antibody Detection Reagent
  5. Immuno-enhancer - Accelerator of Antigen-Antibody Reactions

Research for Neurobiochemistry & Neurological Disease -2011- (HTML)

Research for Neurobiochemistry & Neurological Disease -2011-
A. Research for Alzheimer's Disease
  1. Human β Amyloid ELISA Kit Wako
  2. KMI-429 / MIK-574 / KMI-1027 / KMI-1303
  3. Selective fluorescent probes: BF-168 / BF-170
B. Research for Depression
  1. Antidepressant Agents
C. Neurotransmitter Inhibitors
D. Nervous System Cytokines
E. Reagents for Cell Culture
  1. N2 Supplement
  2. StemSure Freezing Medium
F. Others
  1. Carnosol
  2. Methylazoxymethanol Acetate [MAM]

Wako Product Update Kits 2010   eBook eBook of Wako Product Update - Kit, 2010 -  / PDF PDF data of Wako Product Update - Kit, 2010 - ( 4.17 MB)

A. Life Science Research
  1. Research for Lifestyle-related Diseases
  2. Bone Metabolism Research
  3. Research for Alzheimer's Disease
  4. Cell Proliferation & Cytotoxicity Assay
  5. Apoptosis Research
  6. Protein Assay Kit
  7. Biochemical Assay Kits
  8. Genetic Research
  9. Phos-tag™ - Phosphorylation Proteomics -
  10. Cell-free Protein Synthesis System
  11. Therma-Max™:
Magnetic Beads for Preprocessing of Proteome Analysis
  12. for Cultivation on Collagen Gel
& for Collagen Gel Embedded Culture Method
  13. Endotoxin, β-Glucan and Peptidoglycan Detection Kits
  14. Forensics Research

  15. Reagents for Blotting
  16. Staining Kit for Electrophoresis anaysis
  17. Immunohistochemistry
  18. Ninhydrin Reagent Set series - Coloring Solution Kits -
  19. Reagents for PET examination

B. Organic Chemistry
  1. Green Chemistry

C. Analytical Chemistry
  1. for Food Analysis
  2. for Dioxin Analysis
  3. for Drinking water / Swimming Pool / Wastewater / Air Analysis
  4. for Analysis of Environmental Pollutants

Wako Product Update Organic-No. 1 (HTML)  / eBook eBook of Wako Product Update -Org. No.1-  / PDF PDF data of Wako Product Update - Organic No.1 - (2.82 MB)

A. Immobilized Catalysts
  1. Chemoselective Reduction Catalysts
  2. Calcium Vanadate Apatite (VAP)
  3. HAP-supported Catalysts (RuHAP-Fe2O3, RuHAP)
  4. Multimetallic Concerto Asymmetric Catalyst
    (Homodinuclear Ni2-Schiff Base Catalyst)

B. Chiral Ligands
  1. Ligands for Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis (Linked-BINOL)
  2. Bisphosphoramidite Chiral Ligands (Me-BIPAM)
  3. Iodine-containing BINAP (5,5'-Diiodo BINAP Dioxide)
C. Metal Catalysts
  1. ZACA Reagents for metal-catalytic asymmetric synthesis

D. Organic Molecular Catalysts
  1. Maruoka Catalysts (Chiral Phase-Transfer Catalysts (PTC)
  2. Kawabata Acylation Catalysts (Chemo- & Regioselective Acylation)
  3. Catalysts for Alcohol Oxidation (1-Me-AZADO)

E. Fluorous Reagents
  1. Medium Fluorous Mukaiyama Reagent
  2. Fluorinating Agents (DAST, BAST)

F. Cyclic Triolborates

Wako Product Update Bio-No. 3 (HTML)

/ eBook eBook of Wako Product Update -Bio No.3-

Wako Product Update Bio-No. 3
A. Wako's Unique Products
  1. Inhibitors
  2. Fluorescent Bioprobe of PSA
  3. Substrate for DFG-synthesis for PET diagnosis
B. Carcinogen
C. Anti Cancer Drugs

Wako Product Update Bio-No. 2 (HTML) / eBook eBook of Wako Product Update -Life-style related disease-

Life-style related Disease
Diabetes & Obesities
  1. Kits
  2. Antibodies
  3. Reagents for Diabetes Research
  4. Reagents for Hyperlipidemia Research
  5. Other Biologically Acttive Peptides

Wako Product Update Bio-No.1 (HTML) / eBook eBook of Wako Product Update -Cell Science Research-

Cell Science Research
  1. Alzheimer's Disease Research
  2. Antibodies
  3. Apoptosis Research
  4. Cell Separation
  5. Chemiluminescence Probes
  6. Fluorescent Probes
  7. microRNA Research
  8. Physiological Active Substances

Wako Product Update No. 20 (HTML)

Analytical Chemistry

Food Analysis
  1. Presep®
  2. Pesticide Standards
  3. Veterinary Drug Standards
  4. Glycyrrhizin ELISA Kit
  5. Standards for Crude Drug Test
  6. Stimulant Detection
  7. WakogelR Series
  8. NMR Tubes

Wako Product Update No. 19 (HTML)

A. Inhibitors

B. Cancer Research
1. Metastasis Suppressing Agent
2. Alkylating Compounds
3. Antimetabolic Drugs
4. Antibiotics
5. Plant Alkaloid
6. Synthetic Hormone Agents
7. Platinum Complex
8. Immunostimulant
9. Others

C. Research for Biological Defense Mechanism
1. Lipopolysaccharides (LPS)

D. Cell Culture
1. Recombinant Proteins Expressed in Plants
E. Research for Signaling Cascade/Glutamate Receptor Substances

F. LabAssay™ - Biochemical Test Kits

G. Epigenetics
1. DNA Methylation
(1) Inhibitors
(2) Detection of Cell Proliferation
(3) Modified Nucleotides
(4) Others
2. Cell Cycle and Transcription
(1) HDAC Inhibitors
(2) SIRT 1 Activators

H. Environmentally-Sensitive Fluorophore

Wako Product Update No. 18 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No. 18 - PDF 3.17 MB)

Organic Chemistry

  1. Organic Chemicals
    A. Biphenyl Compounds
    B. Boronic Acids and Boronic Acid Esters
  2. Green Chemistry
    A. Ionic Liquid
    B. Fluorous Reagent
    C. Oxidant
    D. Resolving Reagent
    E. Catalysts
    a. Active Catalysts for dehydrative condensation
    b. π-Acid Catalyst
    c. Novel Hydrophobic Ether Type Solvent
    d. New Metathesis Catalyst
    e. Polymer-Micelle-Incarcerated Scandium Trifluoromethanesulfonate
    f. Platinum Catalyst for selective reduction
    g. Polymer-Incarcerated Platinum
    h. Palladium-Polyethyleneimine
    i. Palladium-Fibroin
    j. Highly Efficient Organocatalysts for Oxidation of Alcohol

Wako Product Update No. 17 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No.17 - PDF 1.46 MB)


  1. Antibodies
  2. Fluorescence
  3. Research for Alzheimer's Disease
  4. Hyperthermostable Enzymes
  5. Protein Electrophoresis
  6. Biologically Active Substances
  7. Cell Culture
  8. Extracellular Matrix [ECM]

Wako Product Update No. 16 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No.16 - PDF 3.14 MB)


  1. Food Analysis
    A. Fructooligosaccharide Analysis
    B. Azo Dye Analysis
    C. Aspartame Analysis
    D. Mycotoxin Analysis
    E. Agricultural Chemical Residues in Foods Listed in the
    Japanese Positive List System Simultaneous Analysis
    F. Standards for Pesticide Residue Analysis
    G. Standards for Veterinary Drugs
    Listed in the Japanese Positive List System
  1. High Purity Solvents and Reagents
    A. LC/MS Solvents
    B. HPLC Solvents
  2. Chromatography Products
    A. WakopakR Fluofix®-II 120E
    B. Syringe-type Solid-Phase Extraction Column
  3. Environmental Analysis
    A. Solvents for PCB Analysis
    B. Solvents for Dioxins Analysis
  4. Standards for Crude Drug Test

Wako Product Update No. 15 (PDF data of Wako Product Update, No. 15 PDF 2.0 MB)


  1. Fluorescence
  2. Chemiluminesence
  3. Protein Phosphorylation
  4. Protein Electrophoresis

Molecular Biology

  1. Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis
  2. CPG (Controlled Pore Glass)
  3. Transfection
  4. Protein Expression
  5. Reagents
  6. Gene Analysis

Wako Product Update No. 14 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No.14 - PDF 1.3 MB)

Green Chemistry -Supplement to Wako Product Update No. 9 -
A. Alphabetical Index
B. Metal Catalyst Index
C. New Products

  1. Metal Catalysts
  2. Ionic Liquid
  3. Chiral BrƒÓnsted Acid Catalyst
  4. Rare Earth Triflate
  5. Maruoka Catalysts

Wako Product Update No. 13 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No.13 - PDF 1.3 MB)

  1. Proteome Research
  2. Protein Electrophoresis
  3. Cell Biological Research
  4. Cancer Research
  5. General Reagents
  6. Cell Culture

Wako Product Update No. 12 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No.12 - PDF 874KB)

  1. Research for Alzheimer's Disease
  2. Research for Human Brain
  3. Research for Diabetes
  4. Research for Apoptosis
  5. Research for Bone Metabolism
  6. DNA Extraction
  7. RNase Inactivation Reagent

Wako Product Update No. 11 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No.11 - PDF 756KB)

A. LC/MS Analysis -Solvents and Wakopak® MS-5C 18 GT-
B. LC/MS Analysis of Pesticide Residues
-Wakopak® MS-Agri-9 GT, Presep®-C Agri & std solns-
C. HPLC Columns -Wakopak® Navi C18-5, C22-5 and C30-5-
D. Environmental Analysis
-Anionic Surfactant Analysis -Wakopak® Wakosil AS-Aqua & std solns-
E. Sample Pretreatment
a. Presep® Series
b. Presep® Dehydration for Organic Synthesis
F. Flash Chromatography -Presep® Silica Gel Type M & L and accessories-
G. Thin Layer Chromatography -Preparative TLC-Silicagel 70 PF254 Plate Wako-
H. Ion Exchange Celluloses -CM-Cellulose, QA-Cellulose and DEAE-Cellulose-
Environmental Analysis
A. Super Absorbent Polymer
B. Residual Chloride Analysis -DPD Phosphate Buffer Powder-

A. Crude Drug Test
-Gomisin, Shikonin, Alkannin & Rhynchophylline Standards-
B. Arsenic Analysis
-Dioxin Research- Diphenylarsinic Acid Standards-
C. Pesticide Residue Analysis -New Pesticide Standards-
D. Environmental Analysis -Standards for Dioxins Research-

Wako Product Update No. 10 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No.10 - PDF 828 KB)

Protein Research

  1. in vitro Protei-Synthesizing System
  2. Simple SDS-PAGE Gel Staining
  3. Proteome Research
    a. Silver Stain MS Kit
    b. Negative Gel Stain MS Kit
    c. High purity Matrix at MALDI-TOFMS Analysis

Cell Culture

  1. Cell Freezing Medium

Wako Product Update No. 9 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No.9 - PDF 2.31 MB)

Organic Chemistry
  1. Catalysts
    • Metal Catalysts
    • Polymer-supported Catalysts
    • Reaction in Water
    • Chiral Phase-Transfer Catalysts (PTC)
    • Catalyst with Asymmetric Ligand
    • Metallocenes
    • Solid Super-Acid Catalysts
    • Biocatalysts
    • Anthracene
    • Ionic Liquid
  1. Ligands for Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis
  2. Others
    • Sulfur Compounds with Less Odor
    • Condensing agent
    • Tosyloxylation Reaction
    • CFC-Alternatives
    • Dehydrated Solvents

Analytical Chemistry
  1. Paper Fiber-made TLC sheet

Wako Product Update No. 8 (PDF data of Wako Product Update - No.8 - PDF 1.45MB)

Organic Chemistry <Green Chemistry>

  • Asymmetric Ligand
  • Solid Super-Acid Catalysts
  • New Fluorinating Reagents
  • Sulfur Compounds with Less Odor
  • Custom Synthesis


  • Chromatography
  • Dioxins Analysis
  • Standards


  • Proteome
  • Immunology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cancer Research
  • Antibiotic
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