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AP-MG (L-Ascorbic Acid Phosphate Magnesium Salt n-Hydrate)


Phosphoric acid L-ascorbyl magnesium can be stably compounded into cosmetic of forms such as cream, lotion and powder. With a high absorbability into skin, this product is rapidly transformed into vitamin C by phosphatase in the body and inhibits from producing melanin causing sunburn, age spots, and freckles. In addition, by its actions of promoting collagen to generate and control the formation of lipid peroxide which are known as the actions of vitamin C, this item is expected to have the effect of preventing a rough skin and maintaining skin tension.

Product name (abbreviation) L-Ascorbic Acid Phosphate Magnesium Salt n-Hydrate
Chemical name L-Ascorbic Acid Phosphate Magnesium Salt n-Hydrate
INCI (International Cosmetic Ingredient name) MAGNESIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE


Structural formula


CAS NO. : 113170-55-1 (as anhydrous)

Molecular weight = 289.54(anhyd.)

Physical characteristics

white - slight yellow
powder or granules
pH 7.0~8.5
Solubilities water : freely soluble.
methanol, ethanol, hexane, chloroform, ethyl acetate : insoluble.


  • 1kg

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