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Specialty Chemicals Research Institute

Features of the plant

LocationKawagoe, Saitama Pref.
Site area 65.118 m2
Employees 80 people
Beginning of opration1963
CertificationISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/IE 17025
  • About 80 reserachers enrolled.
  • The Research System that about 80 reserachers are available to correspond from trace to process improvement
  • Engaged in the development and finduciary duties, such as synthetic, purification, solution preparation, and analysis

Main facilities

Prototype plant 100L ~ 300LGL, SUS kettle, 60L low temperature reactor (SUS)
Autoclave (SUS 50L, 500L), large chromatographic column
50L evaporator
Analytical eqipment NMR (400 MHz), LC / TOF-MS, GC / MS (quadrupole, magnetic sector), UV-Vis spectrophotometer, fluorescence X-ray analyzer, X-ray powder diffractometer, ICP emission spectrometer, FT -IR, ion chromatography (automatic pre-processing unit), HPLC, GC, Karl Fischer moisture meter, melting point apparatus, automatic titrator, GPC, surface tension meter, flameless atomic absorption spectrometer, polarimeter, rotational viscometer, thermal analyzer, refractometer, EDAX with FE-SEM (electron microscope), the zeta potential meter, AFM (atomic force microscope), total reflection X-ray fluorescence, the contact angle meter


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