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Tokyo plant

Features of the plant

LocationKawagoe, Saitama Pref.
Site area 65.118 m2
Number of employees350 people
(including Laboratory and Development Dept.)
Beginning of operation1963
CertificationISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/IE 17025
  • 1 direct production plant for Specialty Chemicals which is suitable for high-mix low volume production 
  • Possible to produce continuously from several hundred gram to several dozen tons
  • Possible to make a combustion process of harmful gas and odorous gas 
  • Capable of making prototypes of products developed by the Laboratory

Main facilities

Reactor:300-3000L (GL, SUS316, teflon)
Certrifuge:20-42B (GL, SUS316)
Pressure Filter:30-90cmΦ(GL, SUS316, Hastelloy, titanium)
Dryer:conical type (GL, SUS316), tray type (vacuum, blast)
Submerged incinerator, rectifying column, refrigerated warehouse

500L calalytic reduction equipment
( 1 MPa autoclave )

Submerged incinerator
( waste oil, waste liquid, incineration facility for exhaust gas)

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