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Wako Chemicals USA

Features of the plant

LocationRichmond, VA
Site area 
Employees 35 people
Beginning of opration1981

Main facilities

Stainless steel equipment systems:

Batch distillation system, 750-gallons.
Agitated reactor systems (two 750-gallon, two 650-gallon, one 500-gallon, one 350-gallon) with condensers and receivers.

Pfaudler glass-lined reactor systems

Two 750-gallon agitated reactors, double-jacketed with overhead glass-lined condensers Two 1500-gallon agitated reactors.
One 750-gallon, one 500-gallon, two 300-gallon agitated reactors with glass-lined condensers and receivers.

High-purity Electronic chemicals packaging facility, 4200 sq ft.

Filling room and lab are class 10,000 clean rooms, with class 100 hoods.
Bulk tank 5000-gallons, Teflon-lined stainless steel, Teflon lines and filters.
Conveyor system for 1200 liter ISO-tainers.
DI water system with circulation loop.
Warehouse for high-hazard liquids, 2600 sq. ft.
Analytical equipment including ICP-MS, AA, particle counter, and HPLC.

Available Utilities:

Steam at 30 psig
Cooling water
Chilled ethylene glycol solution at 40 F
Chilled ethylene glycol solution at 5 F
6000 gallon Nitrogen storage with delivery at 15 psig and 80 psig
Compressed air at 100 psig (instrument and plant grades)
City water at 80 psig

Other process equipment:

Continuous-feed stainless steel distillation column, 2’-diameter, 40’ height, 30 trays, external reboiler.
Three batch centrifuges, stainless steel 48”-diameter x 30” height.
Two fluid-bed dryers, stainless steel.
Two plant-wide air pollution control systems including scrubbers and dual-carbon bed adsorption systems with associated equipment.
Vacuum pump systems 300 cu m/h at 20 mm Hg.
Vacuum ejector system for corrosive service, 20 mm Hg.

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